Imagineer Systems Announces Support for Schools & Students with New Educational Price Program

January 11, 2011
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GUILDFORD, UK (January 11, 2011) – Imagineer Systems today announced it has launched a new educational initiative designed to make it easier for schools and students to invest in, and learn valuable planar tracking and rotoscoping skills with Mocha and Mocha Pro, the Company’s powerful, 64-bit VFX desktop software tools.  With this announcement, Imagineer Systems is launching a new educators pricing program for schools and students that includes special discounts on mocha and mocha Pro.

The new program comes at a time when schools are expanding their efforts to provide more advanced VFX training for their students and better prepare them for new careers upon graduation.

Mocha’s impact on the VFX industry can clearly be seen in works as far ranging as blockbuster 3D movies to everyday television commercials, and film schools are striving to prepare their students for these new opportunities,” said Ross Shain, chief marketing officer, Imagineer Systems.  “As a result of these trends, we have seen a sharp rise in installations of Mocha at schools around the world.  We decided the time was right to launch a program that made it even easier for schools and students to invest in Mocha, giving them the industry’s most powerful tracking and roto tools at a price that didn’t break their already thin budgets.”

“At The DAVE School in Orlando, Florida, we provide professional level training in digital animation and visual effects.  Tools like Mocha and Mocha Pro are now an essential part of the VFX industry and we teach them within our compositing and stereoscopic programs,” added Daniel Smith, Stereoscopic Instructer, Dave School. “We have recently found that many companies are looking for experienced mocha users, and we are happy to provide students with the skills they need to land jobs in the VFX industry.”

For more information on The Dave School, please visit

Educators Discounts
Effective immediately, qualifying schools and students are eligible to receive Mocha and mocha Pro at the following prices:

Mocha (Node and Floating License): $149.00 US
Mocha Pro (Node and Floating License): $199.00 US

Note: Floating licenses will be made available only to qualifying academic institutions, while node licenses will be made available to individuals/students.

For more information on the educational discounts, please visit:

About Mocha Pro and Mocha
Leveraging more than 8 years of engineering research and development, Mocha Pro delivers all the planar tracking and rotoscoping tools from its award winning mocha, and adds compositing tools for match moving, auto image and wire removal, clean plate generation, lens distortion correction and stabilization, to deliver an all-in-one master VFX tool set.  Built on Imagineer Systems’ award-winning 2.5D planar tracking technology, and integrated with its signature insertion and placement, removal and stabilization tools, Mocha Pro offers digital media artists a powerful, intuitive and innovative planar tracking-based solution with a streamlined interface, accelerated workflow and the power to easily manipulate and track shots not possible with traditional solutions.

Mocha is a stand-alone tracking and roto desktop application designed to complement any compositing and finishing environment.  mocha’s unique planar tracker and streamlined interface  allows artists to easily track shots where traditional point trackers fall short.  mocha enables artists to quickly and easily solve difficult tracks and export transform, scale, rotation, and perspective keyframes to the industry’s most popular applications, such as After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Flame, Smoke, Avid D|S, Quantel, Fusion and Nuke.

About Imagineer Systems
Imagineer Systems Ltd innovates and markets next-generation visual effects solutions for film, video and broadcast post production markets.  Imagineer Systems has made its mark on such marquee Hollywood blockbuster productions as Alice in Wonderland, Iron Man 2, Shutter Island, Invictus, G-Force and the Harry Potter series. Imagineer’s desktop product line consists of Mocha Pro - roto, planar tracking, compositing, and removal utility;  mocha - planar tracking and roto utility for all VFX artists; Mocha AE - a planar tracking and roto utility designed for After Effects and Final Cut Pro users.  Imagineer Systems was founded in 2000 and its headquarters is located in Guildford, United Kingdom.  For more information visit


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