Happy Halloween from Boris FX

October 31, 2014

No tricks, only treats from the the team at Boris FX. We've gathered up all of our Halloween-related templates and Boris TV episodes as a nod to the annual ghoul fest.

Download two jack o'lantern templates for BCC 9 AE users.

Filters used: BCC Blobs Wipe, BCC Fast Film Glow, BCC Film Glow, BCC Grunge, BCC Particle Emitter 3D, BCC Rays Streaky, BCC Turbulence, and BCC Water Waves Dissolve.

Add a 3D title, a witch flying across the sky, a werewolf howling at the moon, the more creative, the better. Filters used: BCC Film Glow, BCC Organic Strands, BCC Particle Emitter, and BCC Rays Puffy.

Download our bat template for BCC 8 AE and BCC 9 AE users.

Learn how to create a quick show animation from a still image -- add flickering lights to a jack o'lantern and generate atmospheric lighting. Filters used: BCC Film Glow, BCC Linear Luma Key, BCC Rays Puffy, and BCC Stagelight. Compatibility: BCC 8 & BCC 9 AE

Download the project file.

Creative Cow leader Kevin P. McAuliffe creates a show animation worthy of Jack the Ripper’s London. Nothing is as it seems as each element has been created from scratch with the power of BCC in Adobe After Effects. Filters featured: BCC Stagelight, BCC Brick, BCC Rain, and BCC Extruded Text.  Compatibility: BCC 8 & BCC 9 AE

Download the project file.

And finally...learn how to creepy 3D eyes with BCC in After Effects.

Part I - Iris Texture

Part II - Iris Dilation

Part III - Creating a 3D object


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