Freebie: Avid Bin Templates

August 28, 2013

Free Avid Bin Templates

Designed for BCC 8 AVX & FEC 7 AVX users

Senior Product Manager, Dirk de Jong, brings BCC 8 AVX and FEC 7 AVX users 15+ newly created overlay transition templates for FREE. (A preview of what’s to come in upcoming releases!) Simply drag and drop the transitions above your background video onto the video source 2 track and you’re ready to go.

The templates consist of three Avid bins - 1 for BCC users, 1 for FEC users, and 1 bin with a mix of both BCC and FEC filters. Each bin contains multiple files based on your preferred frame rate.

With names like BCC Cross Glow, BCC Film Damage Flash, FEC Light Blast, FEC Cross Melt, and BCC & FEC Flare Melt, there’s something for everyone whether you’re working on a tv show, a movie trailer or a commercial.

Download your complimentary templates today!

And learn how to apply the transitions (and create your own) by watching the demo.


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