Curious Turtle delivers new training course for all user levels. mocha Projects: Real-world solutions in mocha & mocha Pro

June 28, 2011
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“mocha Projects” Training Course Delivered in Modular “App Packs” Focused on Key Features of mocha, mocha Pro and Using Real-World Examples and Footage

GUILDFORD, UK (June 28, 2011) — Imagineer Systems today announced the launch of Curious Turtle’s newest and most comprehensive training course entitled Mocha Projects: Real-World Solutions with Imagineer Systems’ mocha & Mocha Pro.

Delivered in flexible, modular ‘app packs,’ mocha Projects utilizes eight real-world projects that examine common problems users face when working with challenging footage; from regular troublesome shots dealing with bouncing tracks or extreme rotation, to how to effectively plan larger projects and more complex roto tasks.

Developed and hosted by renowned trainer, Ben Brownlee, mocha Projects leads users through the challenges of a typical session.

“We developed mocha Projects in a very unique modular structure, where each course matches the flexibility of mocha itself,” said Ben Brownlee, founder of Curious Turtle. “We understand that not all users have the same needs, and may not be using tracking and shape data from mocha in the same way. mocha Projects effectively breaks out the content by categories and relevant topics and makes it easier for users to understand the workflow in a way that reflects the way they work in the real world.”

“Imagineer Systems is constantly striving to offer the best possible resources for our customers, be they video tutorials, quick tips or real-world project profiles,” added Ross Shain, chief marketing officer, Imagineer Systems. “Curious Turtle is an invaluable partner for us and consistently deliver quality training tools with practical, real-world perspectives and guidance tailored to so many different customer styles and needs.”

The Adobe After Effects module of mocha Projects is available immediately, and offers nearly 3 hours of additional training specifically designed for After Effects users. Additional “app packs” will be made available in the near future.

Customers ordering before July 15th will receive a 20% discount on their purchase.

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