cmiVFX Releases New mocha Pro Advanced Compositing Online Training

November 26, 2012
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Mocha Pro Advanced
cmiVFX has released the brand new Imagineer System’s mocha Pro Advanced Compositing Tactics Video. Featuring veteran MochaPro user Magno Borgo, cmiVFX takes you through some of the most difficult tasks made much easier with the use of both MochaPro and Adobe After Effects. Of course, any compositing application of your choice can be substituted for After Effects, such as Eyeon Fusion, Foundry Nuke, Autodesk Smoke and more. When it comes to solving impossible shots, you need to think WAY outside of the box. Let us show you the tricks of the trade, that make those impossible shots both possible and done quickly. Planning ahead will always reap better results, so take a hint from a master and watch this killer new video today!

Short Description
Probably the best money you will spend all year. This video brings the dark magic of impossibility to a screeching halt by allowing for seamless beautification of an otherwise horrifying set of shots. (Make bad shots, good… then apply your creations)

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