CIS Vancouver – Invictus

January 11, 2010
tags: Mocha, Blog

Here is an interesting story from Studio Daily about Imagineer customer CIS Vancouver. They relied heavily on mocha‘s tracking and roto features for the feature film, “Invictus”.

From Hancock’s point of view, creating digital make-up not only helped the speed of the shoot but was a boon to editorial. “Make-up ties you down to a certain order of shots,” he says. “In this case, they could re-order shots and play with things in editing and create continuity afterwards.” To track the rugby players as they move around the field, CIS Vancouver used Imagineer Systems’ mocha, which, says Hancock, “does planar tracking really well and accurately. Whether it’s a cheekbone or a face turning or tilting, it lies in the 3D plane of the body and was accurate enough so we could have more detail closer-up. We could put the scrape or cut wherever we wanted to see it, and we didn’t have to avoid close-ups.” The blood-and-guts team — who were artists experienced in creating organic effects — then integrated the effects with Shake. CIS Vancouver partnered with CIS Hollywood on 150 out of a total of about 200 shots.

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