Boris TV: Fast Fixes in Resolve 11

September 26, 2014

Since Resolve 11 is a new addition to the BCC 9 supported hosts, we thought it would be helpful to provide a primer on a few of the powerful filters found within our Image Restoration category.

In the three videos below, Paul Ezzy shows you around the interface, takes you through the available presets, and shows off the parameter controls at your fingertips.

#1. BCC Lens Correction - Love your GoPro, but hate the fish-eye distortion? Built-in presets designed specifically for GoPro, among other lens sizes, make perspective fixes easy.

#2. BCC Flicker Fixer - You probably don't want flickering lights or aperture variations in your shot unless you're working on a slasher movie. Learn which method - frame analysis or temporal smoothing - works best with your footage.

#3. BCC Magic Sharp - Enhance image detail while minimizing those pesky artifacts.


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