BCC Lite for Avid – The Perfect BCC “Sampler” Pack

May 21, 2014

BCC Lite for Avid includes 4 powerful, high-performing, and very popular filters from a 200-strong BCC 9 filter set. Not only does it provide useful effects that empower the user to deliver higher production values than before, these filters were carefully chosen to give you, the user, a chance to experience the common features of the entire BCC package. Features such as Pixel Chooser for isolating filtered part of the image, Motion Tracker for automatically following this matte in the moving video, Beat Reactor for magically animating parameters to follow the music track without the need for keyframes, and finally, the brand new FX Browser™ for visually browsing with ease hundreds of presets over moving video.

The BCC Lens Flare 3D   is a powerful lens flare designer and animator with  tools to create optical flares of any imaginable style from realistic to supernatural. With features such as Light Flicker,  Auto-shimmer , Lens Obscuration,   Motion Tracker, and Beat Reactor , your customers will be wowed  by your creativity and power. Design your lens with Rays, Fog, Polygons, Disks, Hollows, Faded Rings, Stripes, Chroma Hoops, Chroma Fans, Eliptical and Star Caustics, Texture Orbs, and Chromatic Aberration – your creative options are truly unlimited.

The BCC Scanlines is a versatile designer effect capable of creating many popular looks emulating analog equipment artifacts nonexistent in digital video. Another popular effect that can be easily pulled with this filter is the effect of rolling scanlines of a TV monitor shot on video with a different refresh rate. For added realism, the filter includes a user-controlled noise generator. The included BCC Pixel Chooser will let you limit the area of scanlines when needed.

The BCC Colorize is a powerful yet simple way to create color looks within Avid timeline. BCC Colorize uses a gradient of up to 6 colors to tone an image for a more desirable or artistic look. Complete with Motion Tracker and Pixel Chooser, this filter will be your go-to tool for a variety of post-production projects.

The BCC Swish Pan transition is a quick, fully-automatic, drag-and-drop transition effect emulating the cinematic look of a fast camera pan between two shots. What makes BCC Swish Pan really stand out is the new overlay adjustment curves for full control over the ease-in and ease-out of the effect for a truly professional job.

The Pixel Chooser ™, a common feature of  many BCC effects, is a way to create a moving matte by choosing pixels based on their geometric position or color or luma value. Pixel Chooser is an NLE aid specially designed for applications where native masking tools are not available or not linked with the effects palette.

The Motion Tracker is another NLE aid that works so well with the Pixel Chooser by allowing you to quickly track your mattes across multiple frames – a true time saver for the busy editor on tight schedules.

The Beat Reactor (see Boris TV episode ) will save you hours of painstaking keyframe creation following the beats of your music track. Simply import a AIFF file with the music you wish to use. The overlaid frequency graph lets you sample specific bands of audio. Effect parameters are driven by audio levels of chosen frequencies. Sounds simple? Not if you do it by hand.

The FX Browser™ is a welcome addition to the BCC 9 release. Those familiar with BCC 8 AVX product will enjoy the newly introduced feature which is available across BCC 9 filters and, of course, with the four filters chosen for the BCC Lite. The highly configurable FX Browser™ custom window features a mini timeline for playing back fully animated presets and a history panel that saves your browsing history and lets you quickly go back to chosen effects. Not a moment lost in your VFX workflow.

BCC Lite is a great “starter” pack for those who need the power of a professional VFX solution but want to experiment with VFX first. The four BCC filters included are perfect for learning basic VFX techniques in preparation of stepping into the full set. Enjoy BCC Lite created by the team at Boris FX.

Avid editors with an existing license of previous BCC AVX versions are eligible for the upgrade price to BCC 9 for $599.  Buy it here.

Like what you see?  Buy the full BCC 9 package .


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