BCC 9 Reviews are Rolling In

August 13, 2014

We're excited to see the reviews coming in on our latest release of Boris Continuum Complete - BCC 9. Find out what all the hubbub is about.

"All in all the browser is the crowning achievement in BCC 9." - Jonathan Moser, Post Magazine

"One of my top new features in BCC 9 for Avid is the BCC Vignette filed under the Film Style category. While this effect is available in all platforms it is particularly useful in Avid Media Composer because there is no easy way to build a vignette." Brady Betzel, Post Perspective

"Being able to see how each filter’s preset would look when used on a given shot enhances creativity while cutting down on wasted render times. I also find it a springboard for other ideas, as in, “That’s nice, but if I tweak it THIS way. . . .” Jeremiah Hall, Doddle News

"BCC 9 elevates transitions to a whole new level. I used the Glow Dissolves on a sports sizzle reel, and it looked nice right out of the box. If you click on one of these new transitions after you’ve dropped it on the timeline, you’ll find out why these things rock." David Hurd, P3

Wanna read the full reviews? Simply click on the logos and away you go.

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