BCC 9 and RED 5.5 Now Available for DaVinci Resolve 11 and Resolve Lite

September 10, 2014

Your favorite plug-ins now work in your favorite finishing solution.

For the first-time ever, Boris FX now supports DaVinci Resolve 11 (and Resolve Lite) for Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) and Boris RED 5.5 (the successor to Avid FX).

Here's our first episode of Boris TV dedicated to BCC 9 for Resolve.

Paul Ezzy shows you how easily you can create an animated 3D title inspired by the latest opening title sequence from the BBC's "Doctor Who".

Top 6 Reasons to Buy -

  1. Create 2D and 3D resolution-independent title sequences
  2. Add special effects - 3D shatters, 3D ripples, bend, taper, and twist!
  3. Fix barrel distortion and image defects
  4. Vertex and pixel shader technology for interactive bump and reflection mapping
  5. Create, save, and share custom presets among other team members that also have BCC or RED installed (regardless of host application)
  6. GPU-accelerated for ATI/NVIDIA/Intel graphics cards

If you already own a Boris FX product, you can cross-grade to BCC 9 or RED 5.5 for only $295.

Want to save even more? The Motion Graphics Pack ( BCC 9 & RED 5.5 ) is your best option at only $795! 

Take a spin. Download a demo version of BCC and RED 5.5 .


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