Adobe Creative Cloud FAQ for Mocha AE & Mocha Pro users

June 19, 2013
tags: Mocha, News

Q. Is Mocha AE still bundled with After Effects? Are there any new features?

A. Yes, After Effects Creative Cloud now ships with a new version called mocha AE CC.

mocha AE CC is now a plug-in,with customized interface for planar tracking & roto-masking. To launch from After Effects CC:

select a layer and go to:
Animation > Track in Boris FX Mocha AE

Learn More about Mocha AE:

Q. How do I update the bundled mocha AE CC?

A. Any point releases of mocha AE CC will be updated through your Adobe Cloud subscription. Boris FX does release point versions of mocha Pro, but this require a paid license.view upgrade guide

Q. Can I upgrade Mocha AE CC to Mocha Pro 2019?
A. There is not an official discounted upgrade path to go from the free Mocha AE CC to Mocha Pro 2019 however, the annual subscription pricing is now only $195 per year. Purchase Now


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