Adobe Creative Cloud FAQ for mocha AE & mocha Pro users

June 19, 2013
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Q. Is mocha AE still bundled with After Effects? Are there any new features?A. Yes, After Effects Creative Cloud now ships with a new version called mocha AE CC.

mocha AE CC is not a plug-in, but a standalone planar trackign & roto utility. To launch from After Effects CC:

select a layer and go to:
Animation > Track in mocha AE

mocha AE CC has been updated with the following fixes and new features:

  • support for RED Digital Cinema (.r3d) footage
  • new layer grouping & multi-select
  • dope sheet for moving, copy/paste keyframes
  • transform tool for editing roto splines
  • multi-spline selection and modification
  • attach layers tool to link points of separate layers
  • ability to customize color for mattes & splines
  • ability to see individual pixels when zooming
  • many bug fixes

Q. Do I need to be connected to the internet to run mocha AE CC?
A. Only for installation. mocha AE CC has the same exact technical requirements as After Effects CC. You can learn more about Creative Cloud here.

Q. How do I update the bundled mocha AE CC?

A. Any point releases of mocha AE CC will be updated through your Adobe Cloud subscription. Imagineer Systems does release point versions of products mocha AE and mocha Pro, but these do require a paid upgrade.view upgrade guide

Q. Can I upgrade mocha AE CC to newer mocha AE or mocha Pro?
A. Yes. We will accept upgrades from any registered version of mocha AE including those bundled with AE CS4-CS6 and AE CC. Registering your bundled mocha AE CC will qualify you for the reduced upgrade paths to other mocha products.
Note: You only need to subscribe for 1 month to qualify for the upgrade path.

Q. I am interested in upgrading to mocha AE v3.1 OR mocha Pro. What is the difference between the bundled version and what you sell?
A. mocha AE CC includes 2D planar tracking and roto tools for After Effects CC only.

Upgrading to mocha AE v3.1 for $195 USD adds advanced modules for 3D camera solving, lens distortion and support for Final Cut v7, Boris FX and HitFilm.

Upgrading to mocha Pro v3.1 adds advanced modules for object removal, stabilization and support for applications such as Flame, Smoke, Scratch, Nuke and more.

view the upgrade guide or product comparison chart

Q. Can I launch mocha Pro from After Effects CC?
A. Yes, you can set mocha Pro or mocha AE v3 to launch from within AE CC. Simply run the first time from start up icon and set the preferences to ” Use this version with AE”. The next time you “track in mocha AE” it will launch the version you selected.

If you have more questions, please contact us!


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