Sapphire 2022 for Adobe Photoshop Windows

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What’s New In This Version

New Features

  • Support for Photoshop.
  • Presets are compatible with Sapphire in video editing products.

Known Issues

  • Sapphire in Photoshop does not yet support alpha channels.

  • Sometimes Sapphire will open with a previous node graph. If this happens, simply delete the nodes in the node graph and create a new one.

  • For best results, please convert for Smart Filters before applying Sapphire.

  • Time-based parameters aren’t currently available.

What’s New in Sapphire 2022.01

  • Improved render speeds in ColorFuse presets in the preset browser.

  • Improve Sapphire’s ability to find the CUDA libraries on Windows and Linux.

  • Fixed a crash when warping images larger than 16k pixels on Macs.

What’s New in Sapphire 2022.02

  • Flare Designer: Improved the look of disabled sliders in the Flare Designer.

  • Mocha: Updated Mocha libraries to improve stability.

  • Presets: Fixed an intercompatibility bug between presets containing ColorFuse or ColorFuseLooks.

  • Preset Browser: Improved handling of presets with errors.