Boris Sapphire 2021.02 for OFX Linux (Debian)

Download Now

To Download and install:

  1. Make sure you have one or more of the following OFX compatible host products on Linux:

    Resolve 12.5 or greater
    Autodesk Flame 2017 or greater
    Nuke 11 or greater
    ToonBoom Harmony 12 or greater
    Fusion Studio 8 or greater
  2. Quit any host applications that may be running.
    If you previously installed an older version of Sapphire Plug-ins, the new installation will just replace it. You should not need to uninstall it first.

  3. For Red Hat or similar: become root and use the rpm shell command to download (354MB) and run the installer or download the RPM installer file and install it locally.

    For Ubuntu: first make sure you have ’libjpeg62’, and ’libglade2-0’ packages installed.
    Then download the DEB installer file (328MB), become root, and type the command:
    dpkg -i –force-architecture sapphireofx_2021.000-1.0_amd64.deb for 64 bit

  4. Restart your host product, and the new plug-ins should appear in your effects menu.

To view on-line documentation after you install the software, go to the RedHat or Ubuntu start menu and select GenArts Sapphire OFX -> Sapphire Online Help (HTML) or (PDF). You can also click on the “Help” button while using any plug-in.

This software may use the Qt user interface framework. Qt is distributed under the terms of the Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL), Version 2.1; see for more details. The source code for Qt is available here

What’s New in Sapphire 2021

New Effects

  • S_UltraGlow - Brand new effect for Sapphire 2021, S_UltraGlow total revamp of the classic S_Glow with control over the hotspot of the glow as well as the falloff.

  • S_UltraZap - Brand new effect for Sapphire 2021, S_UltraZap improves upon the classic S_Zap with the ability to animate Zap along a spline and looping behavior as well as improved color controls and a new workflow.

New Features

  • Metal for Mac OS. Over 60 effects have improved speed from an all new metal implementation

  • Improved LensFlare Designer:

  • Lens Flare ability to offset elements off axis.

  • Reactive speed for elements..

  • Performance and stability improvements.

  • Improved Mocha:

  • Adjust track.

Known Issues

  • Preset Browser: Some presets may preview incorrectly in UltraGlow and UltraZap.

  • Preset Browser: UltraZap, UltraGlow, and S_Effect may have cropped thumbnails in the preset browser.

  • UltraZap: On an open spline zap may do unexpected things when mixing vary-endpoint and looping parameters.

  • UltraZap: On an open spline zap may do unexpected things when mixing vary-endpoint and looping parameters.

  • S_Effect on Mac OS: CSI Zoomed Magnification preset intermittently fails to load.

  • S_ZComp: The preset browser can’t open unless an input is connected to the DepthB input.

  • If the Preset Browser is launched multiple times in rapid succession inside the Sapphire Effect Builder, selection may not work in the preset browser. If this happens close the Preset Browser and re-open it.

  • Mocha: The Mocha UI does not correctly locate the default OCIO config file shipped with Sapphire. To use the default OCIO config file shipped with Sapphire, use the OCIO environment variable to locate said the config file.