Sapphire 10 OFX Hosts Linux Deb

  • Product: Sapphire
  • Version: 10.13
  • Host: OFX
  • Platform: Linux 64-Bit .deb
  • Release Notes: N/A

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What’s New in Sapphire 10.13 for OFX

  • Fixed hang in Nuke when scrubbing the freq param of S_TextureCells, S_TextureSpots, and S_WipeCells.

  • Fixed scaling of complex widgets when downsampled.

  • LensFlare presets will now sort correctly by creation date.

  • Fixed the link in version-update.

  • Fixed the license-tool so that it doesn’t require sudo when run on Linux.

  • Fixed opening the Preset Browser and Flare Editor in Baselight 5.0.9988 and newer.