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Boris FX Sapphire is the post-production community's #1 choice for creating high-end visual effects. The suite features 9 photorealistic effect categories, 270+ effects, and 3000+ presets for Adobe, Avid, Autodesk Flame, and OFX host applications. Make it in post.

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Top Reasons to Buy Sapphire

› Lighting

Instantly add Hollywood’s favorite lens flares, glows, and bokeh or create your own with the flare designer

› Stylize & Distort

Quickly add stunning looks from grunge and damaged looks to color grades and film effects

› Transitions

A must-have for every editor featuring 50+ drag-and-drop transitions to suit any project need

› Builder

Quickly create complex effects and transitions with the powerful newly streamlined workflow optimized for HDPI/Retina displays

› Integrated Mocha

Tracking, masking, and isolating effects has never been easier with Academy Award-winning planar tracking

› Streamlined Workflows

Presets can easily be tweaked, saved, and shared with any team member who has Sapphire — a major time-saver

"Sapphire is integral to my After Effects workflow. It’s the effects package — the glue — that holds many of my projects together. There are so many different ways Sapphire’s effects can be used that not only save effort and time. They are often indispensable. From what I can tell, several of the things I do couldn’t even be achieved any other way."

— Jesse Michael Newman, Award-winning VFX Artist