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Boris FX Mocha Pro is the Academy Award-winning planar tracker and masking toolkit that makes quick work out of every day and advanced VFX tasks. Supports 360-optimized workflows. Available as a plug-in for Adobe, Avid, and OFX host applications or a standalone application. Make it in post.

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Top Reasons to Buy Mocha Pro

› Planar Tracking

Quickly track objects with GPU-accelerated planar tracking that even tracks blurry low details

› Screen Inserts

Instantly track and replace imagery on computer screens, TVs, mobile devices, billboards, and more

› Masking and Rotoscoping

Say no to manual keyframing with time-saving spline tools including magnetic and edge-snapping

› Essentials Interface

Track and mask even faster with this streamlined interface that focuses on the most useful icons and tools

› Object Removes

Get rid of unwanted objects, people, wires, and 360 cameras with GPU-acceleration that makes removes as easy as 1-2-3

› Insert Module

Accurately render match moves, screen inserts, and graphics with realistic motion blur or mesh warp distortions

"I’ve used Mocha Pro time and time again to see if seemingly impossible tasks are possible. The new 2019 release improves on core functionality, usability, and speed which translates into VFX artists getting home earlier!"

— Jake Morrison, VFX Supervisor, Thor: Ragnarok and Ant-Man