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Have questions about pricing or upgrades? Please review this page or contact our sales team.
Mocha Pro 5 Plug-in Options Purchase Price Upgrade from Mocha Pro 4
Mocha Pro 5(Adobe Plug-in) $695 $395
Mocha Pro 5(Avid Plug-in) $695 $395
Mocha Pro 5(OFX Plug-in)* $695 $395
Mocha Pro 5(Multi-Host Plug-ins) $995 $595**
Mocha Pro 5 Standalone Options Purchase Price Upgrade from Mocha Pro 4
Mocha Pro 5(Standalone App) $1,495 $495
Mocha Pro 5(Standalone + Multi-Host Plug-ins) $1,995 $595**

Notes: * OFX support is currently not available. Customers that wish to purchase Multi-Host plug-ins will receive a working license that does not have to be updated when OFX is supported.

**Current Mocha Pro 4 owners that wish to upgrade to the standalone + multi-host plug-in option can use the $595 upgrade path.

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Q. Why do I have to pay for upgrade?

A. At Imagineer we do our very best to provide our customers with quality products and a high level of support. Point releases that include bug fixes are delivered free of charge. For major version releases that introduce value added new features, we charge anupgrade fee to support the ongoing development and improvement of our products. Mocha Pro 5 represents a significant major release. If you purchased Mocha Pro 4 or Mocha Plus in the last year, you do qualify for an upgrade. Please contact us.

Q. I am running the Adobe CC bundled Mocha AE CC (or HitFilm bundled Mocha HitFilm). Can I upgradeto Mocha Pro 5?

A. We no longer offer a bundled Mocha AE CC (or Mocha HitFilm) to Mocha Pro upgrade path. However, please note that thenew $695 Mocha Pro 5 plug-in purchase price is actually lower than previous Mocha AE to Mocha Pro 4 upgrade path ($795). While there will be a grace period for past owners of purchased Mocha products such as Mocha Plus or Mocha Pro 3, in the future only v4 to v5 upgrades will qualify for upgrade pricing.

Q. I recently purchased Mocha Pro 4 or Mocha Plus 4, do I have to pay for upgrade?

A. If you purchased Mocha Pro 4 between April 1, 2015 and June 1, 2016 you will receive a free upgrade to the standalone Mocha Pro 5. If you prefer to run the plug-in, you can elect for a free cross-grade to Mocha Pro 5 plug-in on 1 host. (choose Adobe, Avid or OFX). Please contact us to claim your free upgrade. New activation codes will be emailed in the coming weeks. In the meantime, Mocha Pro 5 can be downloaded and activated for 14 days by installing, launching and choosing “request trial”. All Mocha Pro support & maintenance accounts will be contacted in the coming weeks with new upgrade activation codes.

Q. I currently own a nodelocked Mocha Pro license but now wish to run theplug-in option. Is this possible?

A.Yes, choose the Mocha Pro 5 plug-in option upgrade for $395 to run on one hostOR the Multi-Host upgrade option for $595 which includes standalone app + multi-host plug-in license on one activation code.

Q. I currently own a Mocha Pro 4 floating license. Can I upgrade to the Mocha Pro 5 plug-in option?

A. At release time, the Mocha Pro 5 plug-in option is not available as a floating license. Please note v5 has an improved license scheme that allows users to activate/deactivate their licenses while connected to the internet, so the plug-in option has flexibility for larger installations. Customers that own Mocha Pro 4 floating licenses can upgrade to Mocha Pro 5 floating licenses and continue to run the application as a standalone outside of their host OR can cross-grade to the Multi-Host plug-in option using the nodelocked license mechanism. These sites can add plug-in options on a per seat basis la carte OR purchase a 1 year multi-host subscription for $595/year. If you're still unclear or wish to discuss volume license options, please contact us!
Notes on Upgrades & Purchases
  • Not sure which product you own? Launch your Mocha software and go to the “about” section
  • If you do not own a ‘paid version’ of Mocha such as Mocha Pro or Mocha Plus product, you must purchase the full product.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers can now purchase the Mocha Pro 5 plug-in for $695. This is $100 less than the previous Mocha AE to Mocha Pro 4 price!

Support Contracts Imagineer offers 1 year support & maintenance contracts for customers that wish to insure they are always running the latest version or need a guaranteed response time for customer support & technical issues. For more information, please contact us or your local reseller.

Subscriptions / Rentals We now offer a 1 year subscription of Mocha Pro 5. $595 per year includes Multi-Host plug-ins and all major updates.

Educational Program Imagineer offers academic discounts for students, faculty and training centers. For more information, view the academic discount page.

Volume Pricing We offer competitive discounts on volume purchases and enterprise site licenses. For more information, please contact us



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