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Mocha Pro 2019 is the newest release of Mocha Pro. In this post, we answer frequently asked questions about upgrades and licensing. If your question is not covered here, please feel free to contact our support team or call us at 1-888-77-BORIS.

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Upgrades and Licensing
Sales Questions
General Mocha 2019 Support

Upgrades and Licensing

I own a Mocha Pro 5 license, will I receive a new license?

If you purchased Mocha Pro v5 or Mocha VR between Oct 1, 2017 - 2018, you are automatically on the Boris FX U&S plan (Upgrade & Support) and qualify for a free upgrade. Licenses will be automatically sent from our system, so please be patient. If you require your new license asap, please contact us and provide your historical activation or invoice.

I own a floating Mocha Pro 5 license, when will I receive my license?

Please be aware that with Mocha Pro 2019, we are switching from FlexLM to the same RLM floating license technology supported by our Continuum & Sapphire products.  Mocha floating customers will need to switch to the RLM license server. Please contact your account manager to arrange your license delivery. Review license instructions here.

I own Mocha VR, is Mocha VR discontinued?

Mocha VR is no longer sold as a unique product. The upgrade to Mocha VR is now Mocha Pro 2019.  All Mocha VR’s mono and stereo 360 features are now included standard inside Mocha Pro 2019.

I am in the middle of a Mocha project, should I upgrade?

Projects are forward compatible, but we always recommend backing up a copy of your project before any major upgrade. If using the Mocha Pro plug-in, you can save the .mocha project outside of the host: Launch the plug-in and go to File>Export project and save to disk.

If you are running Mocha VR as a plug-in, you will find that Mocha Pro 2019 installs a Mocha VR (Legacy) effect to insure project compatibility.

Are Mocha Pro 2019 licenses backwards compatible with older Mocha Pro 4-5 software?

New Mocha Pro 2019 licenses are compatible to license Mocha Pro v5.6 (both node-locked and floating licenses), but nothing older. Mocha Pro 2019 licenses are not backwards compatible with Mocha VR licenses.

Can I run Mocha Pro 5 and Mocha Pro 2019 on the same system?

If you are running the standalone application, there are no problems running new and older versions of Mocha on your system. Be aware that Mocha Pro 2019 licenses are only backwards compatible with Mocha Pro v5.6.

If you are running a Mocha Pro plug-in (Adobe, Avid or OFX) the Mocha Pro 2019 installer will replace the v5 plug-in instance.

If you are running Mocha VR plug-in, the Mocha Pro 2019 will replace the Mocha VR plug-in with Mocha Pro 2019 and add a Mocha VR (legacy) effect to ensure old projects are compatible. Moving forward, Mocha VR customers should simply use Mocha Pro 2019 and choose the 360 settings to launch into VR mode.

I purchased a Mocha Pro v5 subscription, will I be updated to Mocha Pro 2019?

Subscriptions purchases made within the last year qualify for a free upgrade. If you have not received your new license, please contact our support team.

Sales Questions

I own Mocha Pro 5 or Mocha VR, do I have to pay for an upgrade?

Customers that purchased either Mocha Pro 5 or Mocha VR in the last year (between Oct 1, 2017-2018) you will receive a free upgrade to Mocha Pro 2019.

If you have renewed your U&S (Upgrade & Support plan) or purchased a subscription in the last year,  then you will receive a free upgrade license.

If you purchased Mocha Pro 5 or Mocha VR before Oct 1, 2017 than you will have to pay an upgrade fee to receive the upgrade. Upgrade Now

What is the U&S plan? How do I know if I am on it?

All new purchases come with 1 year of free upgrades and support. You can log-in to your Boris FX customer account to view your order history or contact us. Keeping your U&S plan current insures that you will receive all major updates, have access to better support, floating license options and more. Learn More.

I own an older license of Mocha, how much does it cost to upgrade?

Customers that own a Mocha Pro v4 or earlier license can upgrade using the Legacy Renewal option in the webshop. You can find the general price list here.

For floating license or special quotes, please contact our sales team.

Can I add additional licenses to my floating license?

For floating license or special quotes, please contact our sales team.

I own the Mocha Pro plug-in for a single host. Can I add other hosts or standalone option?

Please contact our sales team.

General Mocha 2019 Support Questions

Does Mocha Pro 2019 support Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve? What about the new Fusion panel?

Currently, the Mocha Pro 2019 OFX plug-in does not officially support Resolve. Blackmagic is aware of the support issues and has committed to working with Boris FX to make this work in the future.

Currently, Mocha Pro standalone software can run on a Resolve system and can be used to render object removes, stabilization, screen inserts and mattes to be imported into Resolve.

Additionally, both Continuum and Sapphire OFX plug-ins do support Resolve and include a light version of Mocha for tracked masks and effect isolation.

The Fusion 9 standalone application does support Mocha Pro 2019 OFX plug-in, however the Fusion panel inside of Resolve 15 does not.

Please view the Mocha Pro 2019 tech/specs chart to see more.

Does Mocha Pro 2019 support Nucoda? Baselight? Scratch? Mistika?

Every host has different OFX implementation and some advanced Mocha modules (such as Remove) do not currently work in every OFX host.  We will not “officially support” a host unless all Mocha process are working. If your host is not found in the Plug-in Support section of the techs/spec chart, than you can use at your own risk without support, or run the standalone application to support your host. We are actively trying to work with these partners and qualify as Mocha hosts.

What is the difference between Mocha AE and Mocha Pro?

Mocha Pro contains many features not found in Mocha AE CC that is bundled with Adobe Creative Cloud. Advanced features for object removal, stabilization, screen inserts with mesh warping, stereo 360/VR and the ability to export to many other hosts. An added bonus for Adobe users is that Mocha Pro can also run inside Adobe Premiere Pro. View the product comparison chart to compare Mocha Pro to Mocha AE.

What is the difference between the Mocha inside Continuum or Sapphire and Mocha Pro?

Boris FX plug-in packages Continuum and Sapphire both include a “light version” of Mocha for masking and isolating effects and driving some positional data. Mocha Pro adds many advanced features for effects and finishing plus the ability to export tracking, masking and 3D camera solve data to numerous hosts.

View the product comparison chart for more details.

What video cards do you recommend for best performance?

Mocha Pro 2019 uses GPU based OpenCL for planar tracking and object removal acceleration. For high resolution and 360/VR projects, we recommend NVIDIA Quadro video cards from the Pascal generation such as the Quadro P6000.

I am running Mocha Pro 2019, why is the Remove Module taking so long to render?

Object Remove speed can depend on a variety of factors such as CPU speed, disk speed and video cards. Additionally, working on compressed source material (such a H.265 or mp4) can affect performance in tracking applications. We suggest working in an intermediate format such as DNx or ProRes, or for very high resolutions OpenEXR (or other sequential file types).

Settings inside the Remove module can also be optimized, by reducing the the Before/After frames, using Auto-Step setting and by using clean plates. Please view this tutorial for optimizing the Remove Module.

Mocha Pro 2019 is a major update to the Academy Award-winning planar tracking toolset. Get answers to our most frequently asked questions re: upgrades and licensing, sales, and general support.


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