Soundbite Loads but is Not Functional

Tags: Soundbite

Subject :  Soundbite loads but the functionality has stopped.

Issue :  User is unable to Open files, Index folders, or Delete already Indexed folders.

Cause :  This would be due to a corruption of the Soundbite protocols, which will need to be reset.

Steps to work around this issue :

1. Close Soundbite, and go into this directory -Macintosh HD :: Users :: [ Current User/Home Folder ] :: Library* :: Preferences

2. Locate a file called “com.borisfx.Boris-Soundbite.plist” and delete it. g

3. Afterwards, go into this directory -Macintosh HD :: Library :: Application Support :: Soundbite

4. Inside the Boris Soundbite folder, send the ‘Default’ files and the ‘Machine’ file to the Trash - Keep this folder open.




5. Re-launch Boris Soundbite from the Applications directory.

*If the problem persists, Quit Soundbite and, in the ‘Soundbite’ folder, remove the ‘index’ folder.



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