BCC Suddenly Experiences Problems on Windows

Tags: Continuum

Subject : BCC Suddenly Having Problems On Windows

Issue : My BCC Is Suddenly Experiencing Problems On My Windows System; Reinstalling Does Not Help

Cause : Recent Changes, Manual Or Automated, Have Caused A Corruption in BCCʼs Behavioral Protocols

How to Get Around the Issue :

1. Close your Host NLE/Compositor program and go into this directory -
C:\Users\[Current User]\AppData*\Local\BorisFX

2. Inside here, you will see a folder for Boris Continuum Complete -- send this folder to the Recycle Bin and re-launch your NLE/Compositor program. The problem should not come up with any new effects.

*Note:  The AppData folder mentioned above is hidden by Default in most installations of Windows 7 and Window 8 (even the Win 7/8 Professional version).  If you do not see this folder, you can go into the address field above and add “\AppData” and hit Enter - this will give you access to this hidden folder.


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