One Frame Watermarks on BCC AVX 9 on Mac

Tags: Continuum

Subject : One Frame Watermarks on BCC AVX 9 on Mac

Issue : When I render my BCC AVX 9 effects, each effect has a watermark on the first frame.  This isnʼt visible before render, and the BCC AVX 9 software is fully licensed.

Cause : Problematic Build

How to Get Around the Issue :

This is a known problem with one particular Installer build that was sent to multiple channels.  If you are experiencing this problem, Quit Avid, Uninstall BCC AVX 9 and download this file:

Once you have downloaded this alternate installer, Reinstall BCC AVX 9 using this installer and re-render your effects; the BCC AVX Watermark will no longer appear on your existing clips, nor will it appear on any further ones.

Note: this will even work with timelines carried over from network systems.


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