Media 100 Error Codes -39 and -2048

Subject : M100 Errors -39 and -2048

Issue : When Working In Media 100, Suddenly I Am Seeing Errors That Read Error Code -39 and/or -2048

How to Get Around the Issue :

These two errors will come up, usually together, when there is a problem with Quicktime playback.  To clarify the nature of these messages:
Error -2048 is actually a Quicktime error, not a Media 100 error, stating that a clip cannot be loaded; Error -39 is the same error, just using a Media 100 numerical code, relaying the same problem.

If this comes up repeatedly, this will likely be connected to a specific clip in your project. What you will want to do is:

  1. Isolate the clip that is causing this problem
  2. Quickly, see if you are able to play this file from inside a Bin rather than inside the Timeline.

If you are able to play this from inside a Bin, then most likely the file that is failing to play back is a rendered file, rather than the source clip.  In that case:

  1. Quit Media 100
  2. Delete your Render files associated with the project
  3. Re-launch Media 100, and you should be able to re-render these files and play them back successfully.

If you are unable to play this file from inside the Bin:

  1. Quit Media 100
  2. Locate the file in the Finder
  3. See if it will play in Quicktime player

Most likely this file will not successfully load into Quicktime player, in which case this video file is corrupt, and needs to be reinstated.  At this point:

  1. Delete this file
  2. Re-launch Media 100 - now this file should simply fail to load as an offline file. 
  3. Save your Media 100 project files. 
  4. Now, you will need to re-construct the media file.Note: if the corrupt file was a render file, you should be able to successfully and safely reconstruct this clip by rerendering .


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