BCC AVX Crashes Avid on launch with Segmentation Fault Error

Tags: Continuum

Subject :  BCC AVX crashes Avid on launch with Segmentation Fault error

Issue :  When launching Avid Media Composer after installing BCC AVX, Avid crashes with the following error:
error while trying to \Initialize AVX2 Host\ pop up appears and reads: \Segmentation faut\ in thread \MainThread\, at address 0x0

Cause :  This would be due to BCC attempting to load a hardware asset that is no longer present -- the most common reason would be if CUDA-based hardware was removed from the system, but the drivers for this hardware were not uninstalled.

Steps to work around the issue:

  1. With all possible programs closed, delete the file called “libcudart.dylib” from this location -Macintosh HD :: Library :: Application Support :: BorisFX :: Lib :: BCC9BitDepthSupport*
  2. - If Avid crashes, search for these following files, and if you find them, delete them as well -Macintosh HD :: System :: Library :: Extensions -- Filename: ʻCUDAʼ (if folder, delete)
    Macintosh HD :: System :: Library :: StartupItems -- Filename: ʻCUDAʼ (if folder, delete)
    Macintosh HD :: Library :: Frameworks -- Filename:  “CUDA.framework”
    Macintosh HD :: Library :: PreferencePanes -- Filename:  “CUDA Preferences.prefPane
    Macintosh HD :: Library :: LaunchAgents -- Filename: “com.nvidia.CUDASoftwareUpdate.plist”
  3. Once these files have been removed, Restart the Macintosh and try re-launching Avid Media Composer.


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