Poor Performance with Static BCC Wild Cards Effect

Tags: Continuum

Subject : Poor Performance with Static BCC Wild Cards Effect

Issue :  When Previewing or Rendering Static Instances of BCC Wild Cards, The Performance Is Notably Slow

Cause :  The BCC Wild Cards Is Processing Unnecessary Information

How to Get Around the Issue :

  1. During Preview at least (and possibly during Render), dis-engage the Anti-Aliasing function completely.  
  2. Turn off the Motion Blur if enabled.
  3. Set the Back Face to None, as these two functions are being processed despite not carrying out any visual alteration to the effect.

Note: if you wish to use this effect in conjunction with another clip or visual effect (such as Glow or Glare), it would be recommended to either Pre-Comp or PreRender the BCC Wild Cards effect before applying additional elements.


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