Boris Effects are Misaligned after Rendering from Sony Vegas

Tags: Sony Vegas Pro


Subject :  Boris Effects Misaligned After Rendering From Sony Vegas

Issue :  When I render my timeline from Sony Vegas, my effects have changed position.  My Vegas timeline is a custom size.

Cause :  When the render carries out, the raw media automatically adjusts to compensate, but the effects do not.  Note: Even if your Vegas timeline is an SD/HD standard, this can happen if you render/export to an alternate resolution.


Steps to work around the issue:

1. Go into the ʻRender Asʼ window in Sony Vegas and press ʻShow filter optionsʼ.

2. Check the box that reads ʻMatch project video frame sizeʼ but nothing else.

3. Likely you will have 1 option - select this option and press ʻCustomize Template...ʼ





4. In this window, change the Width and Height to
match your custom timelineʼs settings.

5. Press OK and Render.



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