Launching Boris RED/Boris FX as Transition in FCP

Tags: RED

Subject :  Boris RED/FX does not launch as Transition in FCP.

Issue :  When user applies Boris RED/FX as a Transition in Final Cut Pro 7, the plugin is recognized but when called upon from the Viewer window, the interface does not load.

Cause :  Intermittent limitation of old-style plug-in architecture.

Steps to work around this issue

NOTE:  Any one of these might be enough to get the interface to load, so it might work before you reach the end of list below.

1. Move the Playhead to the point of the specific Transition you are attempting to create/edit.


2. Highlight the Transition.

3. Go into your RT settings (located in your FCP System Settings) and make sure that your RT is set to ʻSafeʼ rather than ʻUnlimitedʼ.

4. If steps 1~3 do not work, delete the Transition and reapply it.

5. If steps 1~4 do not work, delete the ʻFinal Cut Pro Obj Cacheʼ & ʻFinal Cut Pro Prof Cacheʼ files from this directory -

#  Macintosh HD :: Users :: [ Current User ] :: Library :: Preferences :: Final Cut Pro User Data


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