Jagged and/or Flickering Titles Made by Boris RED/Graffiti

Tags: RED

Subject :  Jagged and/or Flickering Titles Made by Boris RED/Graffiti

Issue :  My Titles Made in Boris RED/Graffiti are Jagged and/or Flickering When Rendered in My Host Application.

Cause :  There are two settings in Boris RED and Boris Graffiti that re-adjust fields to optimize both vector and extruded text - Usually These Are Disabled, Causing These Problematic Renders; In Rare Cases, however, Having These Enabled Will Cause a Render Problem.


Steps to work around the issue:

1. Inside the Boris RED/Graffiti Interface, go into the Project Settings, accessible under the Edit menu.





2. Inside the Project Settings, you will see two check-boxes: “1:2:1 Deflickering” & “Better Quality Field Rendering”.

For Titles, it is generally best to enable both of these settings.  However, as mentioned previously, there are rare instances where enabling one of these will cause a similar problem.  As such, it is recommended you toggle these settings, individually, to obtain optimal render.

3. If this does not fix the titles after a re-render, try rendering again, this time setting your Hostʼs Render Settings to a different Codec.


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