Avid Crash Outputting on Mac

Tags: RED

Subject : Avid Crashing When Outputting

Issue :  Avid Crashing When Outputting Timeline with Boris RED/FX/Graffiti.

Cause :  A conflict is occurring between the output protocol or the hardware driver and the Boris Frameworks.

How to Get Around the Issue :

1. Quit Avid and locate your Boris plugs in this directory - 
Macintosh HD :: Library :: Application Support :: Avid :: AVX2_Plug-Ins

2. Inside here, 'right-click/Control-click' on each of your Boris RED/FX/Graffiti plugs, and select “Show Package Contents”. 

3. Inside this new window, go into the Contents folder, and then into Frameworks - inside here, you will see a central Framework file for this plug.  Delete this Framework file for each of the plugs and re-launch Avid, and the crashes should no longer continue.


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