RED/Graffiti Crashing on Launch

Tags: RED

Subject :  RED/Graffiti Crashing on Launch

Issue :  RED/Graffiti is crashing host upon launch, as well as when attempting to launch as a stand-alone program.

Cause :  Problematic Fonts unable to successfully initialize, causing an interruption of launch operations.

Steps to work around the issue:

1. Primarily, you want to force most of the Filters on the system Offline.

2. If you are using Mac OSX, close as many programs as possible and launch the FontBook application.  Inside here, you will see your Fonts listed --


3. Highlight the Fonts in large groups and press the square button below (representing an unchecked checkbox).  Note that some Fonts are tied to the system itself and will not disable, so you will need to disable the Fonts in groups.

If you are running Windows, you can Offline the Fonts on your system by closing all possible programs and physically removing the bulk of the Fonts from the Font directory* to a new folder of your own elsewhere.

* - C:/Windows/Fonts

Once the bulk of your systemʼs Fonts are disabled, try launching Boris RED/Graffiti again.  If it launches, you can close the program and bring groups of Fonts back online - eventually, you will re-enable one more more Fonts that are causing the crash, in which case you can keep the Font(s) disabled.


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