Getting your Boris product to display in the Operating Language

Tags: Display , Language

Subject: Boris Product Displaying in English on Non-English OS

Issue:   I have installed my Boris Product(s) on my Non-English Operating System, but the Boris displays in English, not the language of the Operating System.

Cause:   All Boris programs will run in the native language for most Operating Systems, but this requires a file to be installed called the ʻBoris Language Pack.ecsʼ

Steps to work around the issue:

1. Close all Boris programs and host programs.

2. Re-run your Boris Installer - If you are on Windows, you will want to go with the ʻModifyʼ option (on the Mac this will come up automatically).

3. Inside here, enable the ʻBoris Language Packʼ install option and Continue.


4. When installation is complete, close the installer and re-launch your Boris program and/or host.


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