Getting your Boris product to display in English

Tags: Display , Language

Subject: Boris Displaying in My Operating Systemʼs Language Instead of English

Issue:   My OS (Mac/Windows) is a non-English OS, and after installation, my Boris product is displaying in the same language as my OS.  Instead, I want my Boris product to display in English.

Cause:  The Boris installer, detecting the non-English nature of the Operating System, installed a Translation file to translate the program to the Operating System's current language settings.

Steps to work around the issue:

1. Close Boris Programs and any Host NLE that might be running.

2. Go to the Boris FX, Inc. Folder -- On Mac OSX, this will be located inside the Application Support directory.  On Windows, this will be located in the Program Files (or current equivalent).



3. Delete the ʻBoris Language Pack.ecsʼ file & Re-launch your NLE and/or Boris Program.


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