Graffiti 5 installer doesn’t display Pinnacle Studio 16 as install option

Tags: Graffiti , Pinnacle

  1. Subject: Graffiti 6.6 installer doesn’t display Pinnacle Studio 19 as install option.

Issue:  Graffiti 6.6 installer doesn’t display Pinnacle Studio 19 in the list of host applications during install process. However, Pinnacle 19 is a supported host application.

Cause:    This is a known problem with the Graffiti installer for Pinnacle and will be resolved at some point in the future.

Steps to work around the issue:

  1.   Open the Graffiti Installer
  2. Select Pinnacle 18 as the host
3. Click the “Browse” button when given the option to select the plugin directory.  f
4. Select “C:\Program Files \Pinnacle\Studio 19\plugins\RTFx” as the destination.g
5.Complete the installation process
6.Check to ensure that Graffiti is listed in Pinnacle 19, it will be listed in the FX browser.


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