Fixing It In Post for Avid Video Editors

When: Thursday, December 20, 2012 @ 2:30 EST

Join Avid Certified Instructor Jeff Greenberg as he demonstrates how to fix a variety of common post- production problems using Boris Continuum Complete in Avid Media Composer. Jeff will show you how to:

  •   Remove Flicker and Fix Auto-Iris Camera Issues . Repair video affected by a flickering light source or uneven shutter exposure with Boris Continuum Complete’s Flicker Fixer filter. One day this filter will save your life!
  • Create Top Notch Keys . One of the most difficult effects to do inside of a nonlinear editing application is a Chroma Key. The video editor’s built-in keyer may not work for every shot and you may need extra tools to refine the matte to make it look seamless. With the power of Boris Continuum Complete inside of Avid’s Media Composer, not only can you create a fantastic looking key from a poorly shot plate, but you can refine it using Matte Choker and Light Wrap, and really make it look top notch.
  • Transform Dull Shots . Improve average-looking shots while matching the look of the rest of the project using Boris Continuum Complete’s Film Grain and Film Glow filters.
  • Reduce Noise . Learn how to solve a common problem that is starting to creep up in HD workflows.
  • Smooth and Soften Skin Imperfections . In the world of HD, you start to see every little imperfection, every little crack, and every little pore in someone’s skin. You may also see some bad makeup jobs. Smooth over these and other imperfections with Boris Continuum Complete’s Smooth Tone filter.

About Jeff Greenberg
Jeff Greenberg Jeff Greenberg decided to leave a pre-med program to pursue a degree in film. He’s the Owner of JGreenberg Consulting and Senior Instructor for Future Media Concepts. Over the last decade, he’s amassed over 20 different certifications and is a Master Adobe, Apple, and Avid Instructor in the areas of editorial, compositing, sound, color correction, and compression. Along the way, he’s been well received as a seminar speaker, works as a post-production specialist/consultant, and is responsible for the Editors Retreat – a yearly exotic getaway by editors, for editors. Occasionally, he has written books and articles. He also has video teaching materials available from and


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