Expo Telemundo 2015

See Boris FX & mocha Pro in action!
Date: June 16-June 19, 2015
Where: Mexico City, World Trade Center
Booth: Amtec , Booth A-1
Join Mary Poplin, Imagineer Systems Product Specialist,  mocha pro guru, and Boris FX demo artist, at the annual  Expo, Cine, Video y Television (Telemundo) 2015  at the Amtec booth.
What You'll See
Post Production Magic: Time consuming tracking, detailed rotoscoping, high end paint and beauty work, and other post production effects once only done in large studios can now be done on your laptop or home office. 
Mary will show you how to use the same planar tracking techniques used on movies like  Casino Royale Pirates of the Caribbean , and  X-Men on any project and any budget. Plus, how to make your project achieve a big screen look at small screen price tag; and how cinematographers, VFX artists, editors, and directors can easily create difficult visual effects with a new power tool in their tool box. 
When paired with Boris FX Continuum Complete (BCC) , an After Effects +  mocha  + Premiere or Avid pipeline can really start to sing. 
We hope to see you there!


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