Events: Explosive Opening Titles in Adobe Premiere Pro

Think Adobe Premiere Pro was just for editing? Think again.

When: August 29, 2013 at 1pm EST

Bohus Blahut demonstrates how to create a rich, high energy, 3d multi-layered template with titles exploding out of titles (!), video mapped to the front of the text, and animation inside virtual cameras – all without leaving Premiere Pro.

About Bohus Blahut
Bohus Blahut headshot Bohus Blahut is director of The Vantage Point, a “fiercely independent” production company in Chicago. Throughout its 20 year history, TVP has had a varied client list including The Colbert Report, PBS, BBC, MTV, Ford, and Lego, as well as many private and local businesses. He has always tightly integrated graphics into the editing process (Adobe Premiere Pro is his application of choice). Bohus also helped develop and launch the national morning show “Eye Opener” for Tribune Broadcasting where he served as Senior Producer and an on-camera host.


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