Boris Continuum Complete’s 3D Objects


When: Wednesday, July 28th at 1:00pm Eastern Time

More and more motion graphics designers are using Adobe After Effects to build compositions which define a clear visual 3D space in which to create compelling animated graphics. In the Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE filter package, Boris FX provides several extremely useful generator-style filters for creating sophisticated 3D graphic elements that integrate tightly into After Effects 3D comps.

In this webinar, we’ll take a close look at the Boris Continuum Complete filters offering integration with the After Effects 3D environment: BCC Extruded Text, BCC Type On Text, BCC Extruded Spline, BCC Extruded EPS, BCC Layer Deformer, BCC Pin Art 3D, and BCC Particle Array 3D. And we’ll be showing some tips and techniques for working with these filters in AE in order to best exploit them in AE 3D compositions. Since these filters can also be used in NLEs such as Final Cut Pro and Avid, we’ll also take a look at how they translate to that environment and how it’s possible to use BCC filter effect presets created in After Effects within the NLE versions of these plug-ins.

Though primarily looking at the plug-ins in Adobe After Effects, much of the information is applicable to the Final Cut Pro and Avid versions of the plug-ins, and we will spend some time in Final Cut Pro to see an example of the filters in that environment.

Presenter Dirk de Jong as been in the video software industry for more than 13 years, working for companies that serve the film and video post production market. He is currently a product manager at Boris FX and has worked at Boris FX for over 10 years, primarily involved in the development of titling and 3D-related products.


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