The BCC Prism filter can be used to simulate the photographic effect of
chromatic aberration, where a bad lens can create prismatic color fringing
along edges of contrast within the image.

The filter can also be used to create wipe or blur effects, and includes
controls for image rotation along 2 points of one axis within the image, which
with some settings leads to a pleasant twisting blurred effect.

This filter uses OpenGL to benefit from hardware acceleration. All of the
processing is done by the GPU of the graphics card instead of the CPU, which
greatly improves performance while working with these filters within the host
system and significantly reduces render times.

The built in PixelChooser, with integrated mocha planar tracking allows for
greater control over which areas of the image the filter should affect.

To learn more about this filter, and see a breakdown of the various controls,
please click here.