Pixel Chooser

The BCC PixelChooser, fully re-engineered in BCC10 to include mocha planar
tracking and more robust and intuitive masking/matting tools, provides
numerous techniques for selecting which areas of an image will be affected by
a filter.  The PixelChooser has been incorperated into most filters in BCC,
but is also available as a stand alone filter.

Pixelchooser creates a matte/mask between filtered and unfiltered pixels
allowing far greater control over the design process.  The matte/mask can be
defined in numerous ways:

  • mocha planar spline tracking
  • host spline import (in AE)
  • basic geometric shapes/gradients
  • luma/alpha/channel mattes with thresholding
  • robust color keying

To learn more about Pixelchooser with integrated mocha planar tracking, as
well as see a breakdown of the various controls, please click