Optical Stabilizer

The BCC Optical Stabilizer filter enables you to quickly and easily stabilize shaky video footage, such as clips that were shot with a hand-held camera. The Optical Stabilizer uses optical flow technology to analyze every frame in the source clip to determine the movement of the camera and then adjusts the position, rotation and scale of the clip to compensate for the unwanted camera movement. Depending upon filter parameter settings the motion in the clip will either be smoothed or completely locked down. Unlike many image stabilization tools, the BCC Optical Stabilizer does not require you to set and keyframe user-defined tracking points, which is very useful for images where point tracking data is unreliable.

Because the very nature of post camera image stabilization causes the image to be cropped, this filter includes post image stabilization options to fill the blank areas around the of the frame, such as:

  • Repeating pixels along the cropped edges,
  • Mirroring the image along those edges,
  • Filling them with solid color
  • Leaving them transparent.

An autoscale function is also included in the filter. The Auto Scale function, which is enabled by default, automatically transform scales the image so that it fills the frame across time. Also included in the filter are seven user- selectable transform scale algorithms, which ensure optimal post-transform image sharpness.

Note that Optical Stabilizer is designed to be applied to individual clips without cuts.  If you have a “compound” clip that contains multiple cuts you should first split the content into separate segments for each cut and apply Optical Stabilizer separately to the individual segments.  Similarly Optical Stabilizer is not designed to be applied to Adjustment Layers or Precomps that span multiple separate clips, but instead should be applied separately to each individual clip.

See more at the Optical Stabilizer page.