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Dropout Fixer

The BCC Dropout Fixer filter was designed to fix field glitches / artifacts in a source clip which are present as a the result of digitizing tape based media with faulty equipment.

Sometimes digitized media will have fields that contain artifacts due to brief signal loss – the BCC Dropout Fixer filter provides a way to isolate the exact frame with the field artifact and replace the damaged portion of the field with data from a near field.

It is important to note that:

  • This filter only works on on interlaced media and output rendering must be fielded.
  • Each instance of the filter affects only one field, but can affect that field on multiple frames.
  • If the same area of the same field has dropouts on several consecutive frames, they can be fixed with one instance by setting a higher value in the Dropout Length parameter.

To learn more about this filter, and see a breakdown of the various controls, please click here.