Damaged TV

The** BCC Damaged TV** filter is designed to emulate the appearance of a CRT
style television set that is receiving a bad antenna signal or is in need of

The filter allows users to fine tune a number of effects such as:

  • Gun offset
  • Distorted edges
  • Image roll
  • Noise
  • Scan lines
  • Interference lines

This powerful filter features both fully automatic or manual modes of
operation. When using the filter in automatic mode, the filter will
automatically animate image roll, scan lines, noise or any other visible
parameter – and even though the filter is being used in automatic mode, the
user retains full control over every parameter.

The built in PixelChooser, with integrated mocha planar tracking allows for
greater control over which areas of the image the filter should affect.

To learn more about this filter, and see a breakdown of the various controls,
please click here.