Corner Pin

The BCC Corner Pin filter allows you to map media to a specific area on a
moving object in a media file.

For example, your media includes a moving bus with an advertisement on its
side. You could use Corner Pin to track and replace the advertisement with a

Corner Pin offers a number of different ways to customize the filter:

  • Pin Over Source: Displays the corner pin image composited over the filtered track
  • Corner Pin Only: Will display the corner pin image composited over the full sized source image
  • Punch Hole: Displays the filtered track with an alpha channel where the corner pin image will appear
  • Show Corner Region: Displays the full size corner pin track inside the corner pin region with the alpha chanel outsize the area of the corner pin.

[To learn more about this filter, and see a breakdown of the various controls,
please click here.]( “Corner Pin
Help Documentation” )