Composite Dissolve

The BCC Composite Dissolve filter creates unique variations on standard dissolve transitions by using apply modes and levels/gamma controls to fine tune the look of the dissolve midpoint.  Leveraging the range of looks offered by the apply modes, this transition can generate an enormous number of new looks that still maintain the basic feel of a classic dissolve transition.  It can be used in subtle ways such as employing the Hard Light, Soft Light or Overlay modes to boost color intensity during the dissolve midpoint which avoids the washed out colors that can characterize a classic dissolve.   Modes such as Multiply, Screen, and Add can generate interesting glow-like dissolves and hybrids between classic dissolves and dip to black/white transitions.

BCC Composite Dissolve offers the unique ability to select two different apply modes and control the blend amount between the them for maximum control over the final look.

To learn more about this filter, and see a breakdown of the various controls, please click here.