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3 Way Color Grade

The BCC 3 Way Color Grade filter enables you to color correct an input image using industry standard Lift-Gamma-Gain controls with an intuitive color sphere and slider interface. The filter includes a built-in keying option for isolating secondary colors from the primaries and power window style masking (with 2 point motion tracking), which allow you to isolate or selectively apply the color correction to specific region of the image. Independent color correction adjustments can be applied to points inside and outside of the key- mask selection within a single instance of the filter.

Compare controls, located at the top of the filter, let you compare the input and processed image, or two independent color correction settings applied to the image. All internal processing in this filter is done in 32 bit floating point for maximum precision, thereby eliminating any round-off errors. This allows you to combine extreme settings of the different controls without introducing banding on the image output.

The built in PixelChooser, with integrated mocha planar tracking allows for greater control over which areas of the image the filter should affect.

To learn more about this filter, and see a breakdown of the various controls, please click here.