Boris Sapphire 2020.52 for Avid macOS

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To Download and install:

  1. Make sure you have one or more of the following Avid products:
Media Composer   8.0 or greater
  1. Make sure you are running Mac OS X 10.12 or greater.
  2. Quit your Avid software if it is running. If you have an older version of Sapphire v6, v7, v8, v9, v10, v11, or v12 you do not need to un-install it. The new installation will just replace it without removing any existing serial number.
  3. Download and run the installer.

Follow the instructions given by the installer. When it asks for your username and password, just enter your Mac user login password.

Sapphire v13 should load all old sequences saved with older Sapphire versions, including v1 - v12.

Sapphire 13 is an AVX2 plug-in. Avid has deprecated support for the old AVX1 interface, but AVX2 plug-ins can read old sequences saved with AVX1 plug-ins.

When you restart your Avid software, the new version v13 plug-ins should appear in the Effect Palette in the Sapphire categories. You can simply use these effects just as you would any other effect.

For on-line help installed locally on your workstation, go to the Applications folder, double click on GenArtsSapphireAVX and select the online documentation. A “Help” dialog is also provided when using a plug-in, which gives information about that plug-in currently being used.

This software may use the Qt user interface framework. Qt is distributed under the terms of the Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL), Version 2.1; see for more details. The source code for Qt is available [here] (

What’s New in Sapphire 2020.52

  • Sapphire Effect Builder: Fixed an error where opening old projects with S_Zap or S_WarpDrops inside an instance of S_Effect would result in a blank project inside Builder. Note: This is a partial fix. When first opening an old project with S_Effect, you may still see a “Parsing failed” error. The workaround when this error happens is as follows:
  • Inside the S_Effect generating the error, click on “Edit Effect”. This will cause S_Effect to re-read the node graph.
  • If Sapphire Effect Builder loads with a nodegraph, click OK to return to the host.
  • The Effect should now work correctly back in the host.
  • Sapphire Effect Builder: Fixed a sporadic crash when launching Builder with a large preset.
  • Sapphire Preset Browser: Updated the Preset Browser to apply the OpenColorIO colorspace to the preset thumbnails.
  • Sapphire Flare Designer: Improved the UI behavior around the “Preview Shadow Element” and “Shadow Parameter” buttons.
  • Sapphire Flare Designer: Improved the “Insert Flare” behavior when shadows are involved. If the flare being inserted has a shadow, that shadow will be used instead of the existing shadow. If the flare being inserted has no shadow, the existing shadow will be left alone.
  • Sapphire Flare Designer: Improved shadow behavior on rays that are more vertical than horizontal.
  • Sapphire Effect Builder: Fixed a bug where Builder might fail to open if inputs were left unconnected in the host.
  • Sapphire Preset Browser: Fixed the “Source Only” entry of the preview menu.

Known Issues:

  • If the Preset Browser is launched multiple times in rapid succession inside the Sapphire Effect Builder, selection may not work in the preset browser. If this happens close the Preset Browser and re-open it.
  • Mocha: The Mocha UI does not correctly locate the default OCIO config file shipped with Sapphire. To use the default OCIO config file shipped with Sapphire, use the OCIO environment variable to locate said the config file.
  • LensFlareAutoTrack: green/green and yellow/yellow mode will give different results if hotspot_shift is set to a non-zero value on interlaced footage.
  • Mocha: Mocha point tracking widget starts in the wrong place in green/green mode on interlaced footage.