RLM Floating License Manager for Linux (RPM)

  • Product: RLM License Server
  • Version:
  • Host: RLM Floating License Manager
  • Platform: Linux 64-Bit .rpm
  • Release Notes: N/A

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Important Upgrade Note:
-Please copy your licenses from the server license folder before uninstalling the old server. Be sure to have a copy before uninstalling.
-Please uninstall the old RLM License Server before installing the new RLM License Server
-The license server is 64 bit (only) on all Operating Systems
-For Red Hat or similar: become root and use the rpm shell command to download (354MB) and run the installer:
rpm -Uvh https://cdn.borisfx.com/borisfx/store/BorisFX-RLM- for 64 bit
or download the RPM installer file and install it locally.