Silhouette-2022 : User Interface : Pull-Down Menus
Pull-Down Menus
Standalone only menu items are marked with an asterisk.
New Project*
Creates a new project.
Open Project*
Opens projects.
Open Backup
Opens a browser that lists the available backups by date and time which can then be loaded.
Save Project and Save Project As
Projects can be saved by choosing Save and Save As.
Revert Project
You can revert to the last saved version by selecting Revert.
Lock Project
Locks a project so that it can’t be modified and displays LOCKED in the Title Bar. To retain the Lock Project state, enable it and save the project.
Close Project*
Closes the current project.
Recent Projects*
The last ten recently opened or saved projects can be selected and opened in Recent Projects.
Imports media into the project.
Imports Commotion, Elastic Reality, Shake, or Silhouette shapes.
Exports selected shapes from the project.
Preferences allow you to customize default settings.
Undo operations.
Redo operations.
Cuts the selected object.
Copies the selected object.
Pastes the selected object.
Duplicates the selected object.
Deletes the selected object.
Select All
Selects all shapes.
Deselect All
Deselects all shapes.
This is where you can link, unlink and duplicate shapes for stereo rotoscoping.
Links two selected shapes of the same type and the same number of control points for stereo rotoscoping. Linking allows the two shapes to be simultaneously selected and edited in the Left/Right View.
Note: Linked shapes are bolded in the Object List when one or both of a linked pair is selected.
Unlinks selected shapes.
Duplicates a selected shape or a single layer containing shapes to the other view and automatically links it. When a layer is duplicated, all of its transform data is copied as well.
Duplicate > New Layer
Duplicates a selected shape to the other view, automatically links it and places it in a new layer.
Note: Duplicate > New Layer is not available if you are in the Left/Right View.
New Session
Creates a new session.
Delete Session
Deletes the current session.
Current Session
Selects a session to edit.
Render Session
Opens the render settings.
Session Settings
Opens the session settings.
Caching speeds up image playback by pre-loading the frames into RAM or on disk. Frames are loaded into RAM when you play them back.
Purge RAM Cache
Purges the RAM cache. The RAM cache can also be purged by right-clicking on the Cache Display at the bottom right of the user interface and selecting Purge RAM Cache. If selected, currently cached frames are cleared from RAM.
The various Silhouette interface windows are displayed with checkboxes next to them. When the box is checked next to an item, that particular window is displayed in the user interface.
A workspace is a snapshot of the user interface layout. Silhouette workspaces can be selected, saved or deleted.
Note: The stock workspaces can’t be deleted or modified.
Composite (F1)
The composite workspace is displayed.
Streamlined (F2)
Optimized for Roto and Paint projects, the size of the Trees window is reduced to make room for the Object List and Paint History immediately below.
Maximize Viewer (F3)
The Viewer is displayed full screen.
Viewer + Timeline (F4)
Only the Viewer and Timeline are displayed.
Viewer + Trees (F5)
Only the Viewer and Trees are displayed.
Dual Monitor (F6)
The Silhouette user interface is spread across two monitors with the Trees window displayed full screen on the right monitor.
Save Workspace
Saves the current workspace.
Delete Workspace
Deletes the current workspace.
The Actions menu executes various scripts located in Silhouette/resources/scripts/actions. For information on how to create custom scripts that show up in the Silhouette > Actions menu, see the Silhouette Customization Guide for more information.
Renames selected objects to match first selected object.
Corner-Pin Layer
Creates a corner-pinned layer from four selected point trackers.
Tracked layer
Creates a tracked layer from one to three trackers.
Auto Color
Sets the colors of selected shapes, layers, and trackers based on the 16 colors defined in the Color > Object Colors preference. If more than 16 objects are selected, the colors repeat.
Convert to Bézier
Converts the selected shapes to Bézier shapes.
Note: The original shape is hidden after the Action has been executed.
Copy Selection
Copies one or more selected shapes in a layer as well as the parent layer hierarchy and transforms. Put another way, this copies the parent layer and its shapes and then deletes all unselected shapes.
Duplicates a selected object at the same level in the Object List as opposed to Copy/Paste which places the pasted object at the top of the Object List.
Propagate Blend Mode
Sets the blend mode of shapes to their parent layer's blend mode if it is not Add.
Add Weighted Key (Alt-K)
Creates a keyframe at the current position which changes the timing of the animation between two surrounding keyframes. Park between two keyframes, select a shape, choose this action or press Alt-K, and drag the slider to adjust the weight.
Select All
Selects all keyframes.
Select Layer
Selects all layer keyframes.
Select Shape
Selects all shape keyframes.
Select Tracker
Selects all tracker keyframes.
Set Surface
Set’s the Layer > Surface controls to the boundary of the selected shape.
Layers to Separate Files
Renders layers to separate files.
Shapes to File Tree
Renders all shapes in the selected Roto node, each to its own file, organized by folders based on layer names.
Shapes to Separate Files
Renders shapes to separate files.
Various selection actions are provided.
Selects all items.
Selects all children of the selected object.
Hidden Objects
Selects hidden objects.
Selects all layers.
Selects all objects that have notes.
Selects all siblings of a selected object in the current layer. For any selected objects, add all similar objects in that object's layer to the selection.
Single Point Shapes
Selects single point shapes.
Transparent Shapes
Selects all transparent shapes.
Jump to Transparent
Looks at the selected shapes and jumps the Timebar to the first entirely transparent opacity keyframe it finds.
Shift Source Time
A clip can be shifted in time by inputing both the source frame and the destination session frame. This automatically calculates and sets the Source node’s Time Shift parameter.
Shows the Silhouette version.
User Guide
Opens the Silhouette User Guide.
Online Help
Opens the online HTML help at:
What’s New
Opens the Silhouette What’s New document.
Customization Guide
Opens the Silhouette Scripting Guide.
Check for Update
Checks to see if a newer version of Silhouette is available.
Opens the license tool.