Silhouette-2022 : User Interface : Plug-in Parameters - Host Application
Plug-in Parameters - Host Application
Opening The Silhouette Interface
After Effects/Premiere Pro: Click the Silhouette Interface > Open button.
OFX: Click the Open Silhouette Interface button.
Optional Sources
Source 1-2
Selects optional sources to use as inputs.
For node based hosts, connect optional sources to the Source 1-2 inputs. For layer based hosts, select the layers using the Optional Sources > Source 1-2 pop-up menus.
Vegas: Create two tracks with the optional source on the bottom track and the main input on the top track. Apply Silhouette to the top track by clicking the Composite Mode icon in the track controls, navigate to the Custom > Boris FX Silhouette category and then select Silhouette.
Resolve: In the Color tab, right-click the source node Silhouette was applied to and select Add OFX Input, drag and drop the optional source from the Media Pool to the Color tab, and connect the green output port of the optional source to the green input of the source node.
Note: Although the Silhouette plug-in has two optional inputs on the host side, and Resolve and Vegas only support one optional input, you can import an unlimited amount of media directly in Silhouette.
Grayed out when the plug-in is first applied, Render determines which node in the Silhouette project gets rendered and will automatically be enabled during project creation and set based on the project type: Roto for roto projects, Paint for paint projects and Output: Composite / Output: Cutout for composite projects.
Output: Composite
Renders the output node with an opaque alpha channel.
Output: Cutout
Renders the output node with it’s alpha channel.
Renders the paint node.
Renders the roto node.
Source Alpha
Controls whether the source alpha is used in Silhouette.
Clear Alpha
The source alpha is set to transparent.
Preserve Alpha
The alpha from the source (the image or layer Silhouette is applied to) is passed to Silhouette.
Paint Alpha
Determines the alpha output mode when Render is set to Paint.
Brush Mask
Outputs an automatically generated alpha channel where the brush painted.
Painted Alpha
Outputs strokes painted in the alpha channel.
Source Alpha
Outputs the source alpha.
Hold Frame
Holds the painted strokes on the current frame for the entire sequence.