Anaglyph Mode
Sets the anaglyph mode when using the Anaglyph Preview in the Viewer. Anaglyphs do not portray saturated colors very well and due to color leaking between left and right images results in discomfort caused by retinal-rivalry. Four anaglyph modes are provided to choose from with Optimized set as the default.
Preserves most of the color but causes retinal rivalry.
Creates a lighter image than a true anaglyph but results in more ghosting. No color is preserved.
Preserves less of the color but reduces the retinal rivalry
Discards all of the red component from the original images and replaces it with a manufactured red channel derived from the green and blue components. The advantages are almost no retinal rivalry.
Anti-Alias Overlay Controls
Anti-aliases lines and overlay controls.
Auto-Show Overlay
If Overlay is turned off, Auto-Show Overlay automatically turns Overlay back on when clicking in the Viewer.
Display ROI Outline
Displays the ROI outline.
Handle Mode
Controls how handles are drawn.
Uses a normal blend mode to display layer and shape handles.
Uses an XOR blend mode to display layer and shape handles.
Line Width
Sets the thickness of overlay lines.
Picking Tolerance
Sets the radius of the threshold for picking points.
Restore Focus After Editing preference
Restores focus to the viewer after editing parameters. This ensures that the arrow keys, for instance, continue to work for nudging objects.
Stereo Alignment Type
Selects either Gray or Black for the Stereo Alignment.
Synchronize Viewers
Synchronizes the zoom and pan of multiple viewers from the same node. Synchronization is one way from the main viewer to the additional viewers.
Zoom Factor
Controls the I/O zoom factor keyboard shortcuts. Default is 2. Range is 1.05 > 2.0.
Zoom Filter
Interpolates pixels when zoomed into the image. This results in a smoother, but softer image.
Replicates pixels when zoomed into the image. This results in a sharper, but chunkier image.