Brush Outline Color
Sets the color of the brush outline.
Crosshair Cursor
Controls the display of the cursor crosshair while painting.
The cursor crosshair is not displayed.
The cursor crosshair is always displayed.
The cursor crosshair disappears while painting a stroke, but is visible otherwise.
Hide Brush Outline While Painting
Hides the brush outline while painting.
Paint > Lock Presets After Importing
Automatically locks imported Paint presets.
Output Unpainted Frames
Normally, when using the Paint Only output, only painted frames are rendered. This preference renders the blank, unpainted frames as well, so there is a complete sequence.
Pressure Threshold
Controls how hard the pen has to be pressed before opacity kicks in. The preference is from 0-1. When the threshold has been reached, the calculated pressure is scaled into the new range from threshold to 1.
Use Tablet Pressure
Turn tablet pressure sensitivity on or off.
Absolute Frame Numbers
When activated (the default), displays the actual frame number in the Clone > Frame field. When turned off, it uses the old Silhouette v2.3 behavior where an offset in relation to the current frame was shown instead of the actual frame.
Alignment Type
When in Align mode, the Viewer appears black when the Clone source and destination are perfectly aligned.
When in Align mode, the Viewer appears gray when the Clone source and destination are perfectly aligned.
Allow Adjustments to Auto Grade
Allows the other grade controls to be used in conjunction with Auto Grade. With this preference off, turning on Auto Grade will reset the other grade controls to their defaults and disable them.
Default Filter
Sets the default filter for new paint nodes.
Default Source
Sets the default clone source.
Default Subpixel State
Sets whether Clone > Subpixel is enabled or disabled by default.
Incremental Clone Offset
Controls whether the Clone offset starts at last offset or at click location.
Overlay Color
Sets the color of the Clone transform on-screen controls.
Reset Frame Number With Transform
Resets the Clone > Frame Offset when Clone > Reset is used.
Show Offset
Forces the Clone Offset connecting line to always be displayed.
Source Outline Color
Sets the color of the Clone brush outline.
Source Outline Color (Secondary)
Sets the color of the secondary Clone brush outline. This is the color of the second Clone source activated by using Dual in the Clone presets.
Use Legacy Overlay Controls
Enables the Silhouette v6 and below Clone transform on-screen controls.
Use Stereo Offset When Painting R > L
Uses the Stereo Offset when painting from right to the left view.
Lock Selection
If paint strokes are selected in the Paint History, they become un-selected when you change frames. If you enable Lock Selection, the strokes stay selected when changing frames.